Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Daily Life

From Google and Microsoft to Amazon and Facebook is investing a huge amount of money and technology in Artificial Intelligence. But the questions arise, What is Artificial Intelligence? Why is it so important? and why do they care too much about it?

As a common man how it affects me? Is this shifting is more impactful than shifts to phone or cloud computing. How will it change the lifestyle of a common man?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial Intelligence is a simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. These processes include learning from the information that he gets, processing the information (similar to a human thinks), reach an approximate conclusion by using the rules (algorithms which are written at the time of designing) and self-correction.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in daily life

1. Smartphone

You most probably own a smartphone. If I guess, you are reading this article on a smartphone. Well, It doesn't matter that you know or not, but you interact with AI. Every smartphone irrespective of brands you're using has built-in AI features. Android has Google Assistant, Apple has Siri and Windows 10 PC has Cortana. All of these are working on AI. Artificial Intelligence suggests you the things based on your past activity.

2. Organised Email in Gmail

Google uses AI to categorise our emails as Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums, Spam. So that we can our important emails quicker. Google claims that AI-powered filtering prevents more than 99% of spam from getting into your inbox.

3. Smart Reply in Gmail

Smart reply offers users to reply to someone faster than they can by suggesting simple sentences like "Thanks", "How are you", "Let's go." If you're writing about a plan it will suggest you phrases like "Are you coming ?", "Come home for meeting" "I can't attend." It means its suggestion is based on your activity, it can sense what you are trying yo write.

4. Social Media

Social media use AI to suggest you the content that you actually want to see, and even you have noticed that the images of that friend whom you like most are showing on top of your news feed. All this happens because AI observes your behaviour on that platform and suggest content.

5. Google’s Algorithm

Google search engines evolved over time by studying the linguistics used in searches. It's AI learns from users' behaviours on the result and adapts over time to better meet the needs of users. It highlights the better answers at the top, followed by a list of sites which answer the questions.

6. Music & Video Recommendations

Whichever services you are using YouTube, Netflix, Spotify or any else they use AI to recommend you the music or video. If you don't think so, then you can check it by taking 2 phones, one will be yours and the other will be of your friends, open the home tab of YouTube or Spotify in both phones. Are the content showing in both phones the same ? Of course not, because AI knows what you like and what your friend like to watch and listen.

7. Web Advertisement

Whenever you're browsing the web, you come across the Ads which is showing to you. Have you ever noticed that Ads is somehow related to you like the product is something which you want to buy or services are interested to use? For example, when you search for a product on Amazon, then you will start seeing Ads related to that product on websites.

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