What Is Financial Freedom & What Financial Freedom Is Not

You are thinking that you know what financial freedom is, It is about having a lot of money and living a lavish life. I am sorry to tell you, but you are wrong. It is different from that, a middle class person can be financially free and even a rich person may not be financially free.
To understand financial freedom just knowing ‘what is financial freedom’ is not enough, rather knowing ‘what financial freedom is not’ is also important.

What is financial freedom
In this article, we’ll understand both topic and two common signs that show us that we are financially free or not.

What Is Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom is the power to choose whatever you want. You are not financially dependent on anyone like your spouse, parents or children. That means you can decide what to wear today, what to eat for dinner, where to go on your next holiday without thinking of expenses. You can quit your job, without finding a new job. just because someone was unkind to you. You have enough savings to live life until you find a new job or your new startup start giving you profits.
That’s financial freedom.

What Financial Freedom Is Not?

Financial freedom is not about earning a lot of money. It is about earning enough money so that one can live his or her life without any financial stress. Some rich people are also not financially free because either they spend more than they earn or they are always trying to gain more and more wealth instead of living life.

Signs That Show You’re Financially Free Or Not

1.  How often do you sit on a chair and having no work, you start thinking or daydreaming about what would happen if you quit your boring 9 to 5 job? How will you manage to keep your life on the same track as it is going on? Is there any financial problems will come and ruin all your plans that you have made to live life as per your wish.
If you think this, then I can definitely say that you have not experienced financial freedom.

2.  You have a friend or relative who always seems to be enjoying life as he wishes. He usually takes a long leave and goes on vacation, he doesn’t care about his work and expenses.
Whenever you see him you start thinking, you may be able to live your life as he lives and lost thought of all that. Again when you come out of your daydream, you think I have not that much money and ignore or try to forget all thoughts.
This is also a sign that suggests you are not financially free.

At the end of the article, I want to tell you that we have only one life, so life lives as you wish. Don’t forget that you need savings for bad times also. We are reading financial freedom, it doesn’t mean that we’ll forget financial securities.
So, keep it in your mind.

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