You're Not Lazy, Not Getting Bored Even Not Unmotivated

I don't know, who are you? But I know you have access to the internet and some time to read this article.
It sounds obvious, but this tells me two other things about you. First, you are on the top half of the world's population as per wealth distribution, because the other half don't have access to the internet. Second, you are fighting a very modern fight, which most of the people (of developed countries) are fighting. You have covered the basics: food, clothes and a roof over your head.

You're Not Lazy, Not Getting Bored Even Not Unmotivated

You have many problems in life and the pressure and tension of solving that make you feel bored, lazy and unmotivated.

If you get bored, how did you follow your study routine i.e. too boring, how you have worked for your initial job projects without getting bored even doing the same things over and over again.

If you are lazy, how could you play for the whole day, you have not completed your college projects in a single day i.e. before the last day of submission. But you have done it, it means you're not lazy."

I am not motivated" is always a wrong statement, it senses that you're unable to do the work, but your works are completed. If you are not motivated, how you are able to do work. Every action human beings ever take is driven by some kind of internal force, whatever it is happiness, peace, money or satisfying someone's conscience.

This is also some kind of motivation, but actual motivation is something that always forces you to complete your mission, and does not let you sit calm before you achieve your goal.

How to Get Out Of All This

Now, think. You're working at the same location, you stopped travelling, stopped going to parties with friends and having fun, you become so busy in the office that you did not spend quality time with your family for a long time ago.

These are the main things which make you feel that life is nothing, only working, eating and sleeping. 
But trust me when you will start doing these things once again, you'll start feeling energetic and forget what is laziness, why you used to get bored when life has so much fun.

Motivation is another thing when you'll know what your family needs and what should you do you will automatically be motivated to do work.
These things are related and part of life, but you were doing only one part, not all. That’s why you were facing problems. So now, start your life enjoying together with working, that will make you feel, you are a lucky person who has such a beautiful life.

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