Travel To Explore World And Yourself

When I was a child, I used to think that why people like to travel the world? What kind of happiness they get after visiting a tourist place? Why they spend money to see antique things, while we can buy new things even at a cheaper price and they are wasting money just to see it. How they talk with a person whom they never met even don’t know him.

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I also used to wonder, how can anyone visit an unknown place where he doesn’t know anyone, doesn’t have any solid knowledge about that place, doesn’t know anyone at that place. what he only has is some information from people who have visited or heard from someone else.

All of this happened because I did not like travelling. I always used to hesitate when it comes to talking to an unknown person, but when I started travelling, it changed my thinking. Now, I like to visit a random tourist place, spending time with nature at mountains, meeting and talking with new people and understanding the different cultures and lifestyles of people across the world.

Going To A Trip

When we visit a new, we enter in a whole new surrounding which has a lot of things to discover because we find many things are new and unknown to us, but they attract towards themselves.

Before going on a trip, we make a list of things like hotels to stay, places to visit, kinds of stuff required during the tour. For doing the same, we search the web uncountable numbers of times, we select one thing, but also reject at next moment just by reading a few bad reviews or something which is not as per our expectation and this continues until we finalize a particular thing.

After doing so many planning, we face some unpredictable problems or meet any bad person.  It can’t be pre-planned or avoided. At that time, we use our mind and only we are responsible to solve that problem because there is no one whom we know. It makes us strong and ready to fight unpredictable problems of life.

Travel To Explore World And Yourself

Travelling is an art. Someone just goes on a trip and sees the place, antique objects, eat food and return back to home, it can’t be called travelling.

Travelling means exploring the place, exploring yourself. When we go somewhere to travel, we need to see the beauty of that place, know the culture of there, meet and communicate with local people to know what is their lifestyle.

Try to find out why the place is famous and developed as a tourist place, at first instance you will find an answer but when you go into deep you will get information that will be something different and sometimes it comes out to be fully different of your imagination.

Finding Yourself Not That You Are In Daily Life

During a tour, explore yourself along with the world. You don’t need to take any stress of job during the trip, stay relaxed. Here, there is no who know you, so you do whatever you want without thinking what my relative will say or what my friend will say. Climb on the hills and shout loudly your name and hear your returning sound, Go below the waterfall and feel the touch of every drop.

Now, ask yourself, have you explored yourself? Are you feeling something change in yourself after this trip? Have you learned something?

I don't know the answer to the first question, it’s all up to you, but I have an idea about the answer to the second question, If it was your first trip in which you tried to explore yourself then, of course, you must have found something change in yourself that may be the way of your thinking, the way of talking with a person or your attitude.

Go somewhere on a trip to meet yourself and discover what you are, because you’re not that person which you find yourself in daily life routine while you have a hidden person inside you who is not coming out just because of the daily life problems and workload pressure.

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